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Essential Tools - Pens & Brushes
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boca brow stencil
Click on picture for larger image
White Gel Pen
For marking the skin

Joyce Says...

Click on picture for larger image

The PHI Gauge - clear

Joyce Says... Use to measure beginning of brows, arch, tail. Have the points facing the left for the left brow measurement and switch the phi gauge to point to the right to measure the right brow. Decide where the brow should begin and end with a mark. Most brows are 2” long. Make a line across the bottom of brow for the beginning of the brows…you don’t want one brow lower than the other. The phi gauge will always measure where your arches should be.

See our pictures of the measurements with the PHI Gauge.

boca brow stencil
Click on picture for larger image

Boca Stencil for Hair Strokes

Joyce Says... Made especially for beginners or for anyone that may need a start with hair strokes. This is just an AID so if you can do brows without stencils, great! So do your measurements to see where your brow starts... where the tails end... and placement of the arch. Remember to measure across the bridge of the nose so that one brow is not down further than the other.

Check YOUTUBE for my brow measuring video.

Boca Stencil for Hair Strokes - 2 pack
Microbrushes - 4 Pack
400 brushes in this money saving 4 pack! (100 brushes per tube)
Microbrushes - 1 tube holds 100 microbrushes.

Joyce Says... What ever would we do without microbrushes ...spongy tip great for putting on topical... great for cleaning the eye of pigment goop. Great for putting pigment on the lip and then pickup pigment with needle and get twice the color in.
Microbrush Dispenser
Comes with 50 microbrushes.
Microbrush Dispenser Refill
100 microbrushes for your dispenser.
Microbrush Dispenser Refill (4 pack)  $34.95
Taklon Pointed Definer Brush
Use this brush to apply pigment.
Joyce Says... fine quality brush that trains your brain. Use the brush to paint on the eyeliner and then go over with your needle dipped in pigment and you'll get in twice the amount of pigment. Use for the lips also.
Blush Tool
One use only hand tool for doing a light blush on the cheeks!
  Hectagraph Pencil
For tracing pictures
Surgical Marking Pen
Surgical Marking Pen (10 Count Special)
Universal Brow Pencil - Great tool for determining color of eyebrows. Turns color with PH of skin.
Universal Brow Pencil Sharpener
Sharpen your Universal Brow Pencil.

Joyce Says... These organizers are a must for your pigment bottles. Buy several and put lips in one and brows in another and flesh, areola and mixing pigments in others. I particularly like the lazy susan ones.

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Handpiece Rest
Joyce says...
...This is a small holder for your hand piece or hand tool. I like this because I can put this on my client's chest along with the wipes & Q tips. Really light & easy to clean. Holds 1 small and 3 large caps.Polyurethane. Color will vary from what is pictured

Lazy Susan Display Rack - holds 36 pigments
Not available for Free Shipping. 
A $2 surcharge is added due to shipping weight.
Lazy Susan Display Rack - holds 36 pigments (white base) $30.00
One Tier Pigment Storage Tray - holds 18 pigments  $30.00
Two Tier Pigment Storage Tray - holds 24 pigments $35.00
White Plastic Tray  $0.40
Lexan Cap Holder
One side holds Large Caps... flip over and the other side holds Small Caps
Silver Stainless Steel Cap Holder  $7.00
Disposable Discs - 6 hole Large (25 count) $7.00
Disposable Discs - 6 hole Small (25 count) $7.00
Black Pigment Ring
(comes with ring and cup with sponge inside) individual
Black Pigment Ring
(comes with ring and cup with sponge inside)
100 count (approx.)
Stainless Steel Ring - Large  $5.00
Stainless Steel Ring - Small $5.00
Pigment Rings - (package of 100)
Disposable plastic pigment rings.
Pigment Rings - (individually) $0.18
Dual Chamber Pigment Rings - (package of 100)
These rings are quite a bargain because you just throw the rings away. You can use 2 different colors at the same time.
Dual Chamber Pigment Rings - (individually) $0.20
Plastic Rings - Large (3 count)  $5.00
# 16 Large Plastic Pigment Caps (100 Count) $1.50
# 16 Large Plastic Pigment Caps (500 Count) $7.00
# 16 Large Plastic Pigment Caps (1000 Count) $11.00
# 12 Medium Plastic Pigment Caps (100 Count) $1.50
# 12 Medium Plastic Pigment Caps (500 Count) $7.00
# 12 Medium Plastic Pigment Caps (1000 Count) $11.00
# 9 Small Plastic Pigment Caps (100 Count)) $1.50
# 9 Small Plastic Pigment Caps (500 Count) $7.00
# 9 Small Plastic Pigment Caps (1000 Count) $11.00
Pigment Tools
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Mini-Vortex Mixer for Pigments
Joyce Says...

One-touch and Mixed! Just hold your bottle in place on mixer and Voila! MIXED! 1 second and done! Noiseless!
Pigment Shaker
 - Get a good mix for your pigment using this Shaker.
Joyce Says...
You can't live without it once you've had one. Shakes the bottles thoroughly in seconds.
Pigment Shaker Replacement Strap $1.50

The Mini Mixer Rods need to be changed when double dipping. Best to be safe and use a new one every time.

Pigment Mini Mixer (comes with 2 rods) White only.

Joyce Says... This handy tool is a must. Stirring with a toothpick just doesn't get it. When you use the mixer your sure the pigments are properly mixed.

Pigment Mini Mixer Rods (10 count) $5.00
Pigment Mini Mixer Rods (25 count) $10.00
Pigment Mini Mixer Rods (50 count) $17.50
Pigment Mini Mixer Rods (100 count) $27.50
Lip Guard
Joyce Says... Just the best ! ! Keeps your client lips stretched and she can bite down on the inside part which helps keep it in place.
Lip Guards (10 count) $30.00

Add to pigments when they dry out. Has vitamins for healing.

Scatter (2 Bottle Special!) $25.00
More Essential Tools for the PMU Tech
needle description price  
Tire Grommets (100 count)

Joyce Says..."for coil machines...great for keeping your needle secure on the machine"

Nipple Grommets (100 count)

Joyce Says...
"shaped like a hat, or half a tire grommet....easier to use"

Eyebrow Measurement Tool

Joyce Says...This handy tool lets you put marks just where you need them"

Eyebrow Measurement Tool (Purple)

Joyce Says... This brow tool has space to draw the whole brow. Very clever tool because it spaces the brows just right because of the nose piece. Can be used over and over, just wipe with sani wipe.

Headbands (24 pack)

Joyce Says...


White Lip Roll (100 count)
7 inches long

Joyce Says...Flexi-Pipes (LipRolls) are really toe separators but I use them for lip rolls. It stretches out the lips while your implanting color. They are all cotton and 7 inches long, 100 in the package. When you cut them to fit the mouth you actually have 200 so a great buy at $10.95 per pack. I usually wet them and slightly flatten them to conform better between the teeth and lip.


Sticky Disposable Ruler

Sticky Disposable Ruler (10 count)
mini calipers Caliper

Great measuring tool!

Mini-Caliper (the orange one)

We have the cute little caliper for just $1.75 which is so handy you can keep it in your pocket instead of looking for it all the time (like I do)

Touch'n Brow Razors (3 per pack)
Makes it easy to remove unwanted hairs from brows

Touch'n Brow Razors (10 pack - 30 count) $22.50
rubber bands size 12 Black Rubber Bands - Size 12 (1 bag)

Color Wheel
Great tool for implementing color theory!

Joyce Says... you need to have this on hand to see the complimentary or opposite colors.


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