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Welcome to the Boca Ta-2 Quicksale Page!
QUICKSALE... while supplies last! No returns or exchanges
TapTatDaddio Machine

Comes with 3 S/S tubes
#3 & #5-Power Unit
all cords
foot pedal + case

Mei-cha SQ Machine

Reg $395 ON SALE $295.
Comes with hand piece, speed control, power cord and 10 count boxes of needles (just screw on and go) 1 box #1 2 boxes of #3, 1 box #6F.

Dental Rolls

Dental Rolls
...Great for lip tattooing to plump lips or for pedicures. 40 in ea pack avail @ $.50 ea . 80 packs left!.

Velcro Hair Restrainers

Two for a buck!
Whip those bangs back and this will hold hair out of your way! While supplies last...


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Quick Sale - Fixtures
Ring Light
with sturdy tripod and all attachments

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Quick Sale - #7 MicroBlading Needle
Blow Out Sale on this needle!
Twenty-five cents a needle! That's right! A quarter!
100 count for the #7 Microblading Needle
Quick Sale - All-n-1 Handtools

All-n-1 Hand Tools
These handtool have the same needles as found on our Handtools page.
These hand tools have a thinner grip and were discontinued.

The handles only come in pink.

Quick Sale - #9 all-n-1 Hand Tool
This handle has a #9 micro blade built in. Really great for small hair strokes between the larger strokes or use on particular tough skin. use-n-toss.


Quick Sale - #12 all-n-1 Hand Tool
The mid size needle for micro stroking. All skin types use-n- toss.



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