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Welcome to the Boca Ta-2 Quicksale Page!
QUICKSALE... while supplies last! No returns or exchanges
Beginners 3-speed Skinmaster Digital Pen

Brand new machine. Comes with manual. Discontinued by manufacturer.
You can't go wrong! Only two left...

Professional Eyebrow Guides

Karen Betts Professional Eyebrow Guides
Comes in a pack of 50! Only one left...


Fly your flag and let people know what you are all about!
You can't go wrong! Only eight of these pins leftt...

Velcro Hair Restrainers

Two for a buck!
Whip those bangs back and this will hold hair out of your way! While supplies last...

Rub-On Nipples

A buck each!
You can't go wrong! While supplies last...


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Quick Sale - All-n-1 Handtools

All-n-1 Hand Tools
These handtool have the same needles as found on our Handtools page.
These hand tools have a thinner grip and were discontinued.

The handles only come in pink.

Quick Sale - #9 all-n-1 Hand Tool
This handle has a #9 micro blade built in. Really great for small hair strokes between the larger strokes or use on particular tough skin. use-n-toss.


Quick Sale - #12 all-n-1 Hand Tool
The mid size needle for micro stroking. All skin types use-n- toss.


Quick Sale - #14 all-n-1 Hand Tool
The larger size needle for micro stroking. A better choice for fair and more mature dry skin. use-n-toss.


Quick Sale - U all-n-1 Hand Tool
Some love this needle for micro stroking you can start on one end and end up on the other end making a easy stroke. use-n-toss.


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