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Welcome to the Boca Bargain Bin!
Slightly Used Machines, Low Hours, One Year Warranty... Great Prices!
Grand Slam Deals from Boca Ta-2

With our Grand Slam Deals, we've decided to take some of our most popular items and bundle them together! Included are some of your most needed products.

$120.00 $140.00
  • 1 Box Gloves
    (Indicate size needed in notes of your order)
  • 1 Comfort Cream
  • 1 Tag -45
  • 1 Retain
  • 1 Ultra Duration
  • 100 Small caps
  • 5 KN95 Masks
  • 2 Razors
  • 1 PHI Gauge
  • 1 Comfort Cream
  • 1 Tag -45
  • 1 Microbrush (Fine)
  • 1 Nothing
  • 100 Large caps
  • 72 A&D Ointment Packets
  • 72 Petrolatum Packets
  • 10 Sticky Disposable Rulers
  • 2 Adhesive Wraps

A Savings of $25.00!

A Savings of $40.00!

Disposable Lab Coats
product description price  

Disposable Lab Coats - Joyce Says
These handy jackets come in white or black and are disposable.
They can be washed up to 5 times and are really fabulous for quick change between clients to make sure there is no cross contamination issues.
Buy them by the 10 pack. I love these! ! !

Disposable Lab Coat (White) Medium - Single Jacket
Disposable Lab Coat (White) Medium - 10 count
Disposable Lab Coat (White) Large - Single Jacket  $1.50
Disposable Lab Coat (White) Large - 10 count $15.00
Disposable Lab Coat (White) Extra Large - Single Jacket  $1.50
Disposable Lab Coat (White) Extra Large - 10 count $15.00
Disposable Lab Coat (Black) 2XL - Single Jacket
3 pockets (only 10 left!)
Disposable Lab Coat (Black) 2XL - Single 10 count
3 pockets (only 10 left!)
Surgical Masks (Earloop) 50 Count $2.00
Self-Sealing Disposable Sterilization Pouch 2.75 x " x 9"
(200 count) 4 boxes left!
Self-Sealing Disposable Sterilization Pouch 3 1/2" x 5 1/4"
(200 count) 4 boxes left!
Pre-Rolled Latex Finger Cot (Medium)
(144 count) 1 box left!
Pre-Rolled Latex Finger Cot (Large)
(144 count) 2 boxes left!
Lip Guard
Joyce Says... Just the best ! ! Keeps your client lips stretched and she can bite down on the inside part which helps keep it in place.
White Plastic Trays
White Plastic Trays
(20 count)
Pigment Mini Mixer

Pigment Mini Mixer (comes with 200 mixing sticks)

Joyce Says... This handy tool is a must. Stirring with a toothpick just doesn't get it. When you use the mixer your sure the pigments are properly mixed.

Pigment Shaker
 - Get a good mix for your pigment using this Shaker.
Joyce Says...
You can't live without it once you've had one. Shakes the bottles thoroughly in seconds.
Eye Loupe (10x magnification)
mini calipers Caliper

Great measuring tool!

Brow Buddy Brow Buddy Kit

Pencil & Brow Buddy included

Mini Digital Power Supply

The Mini Digital Power Supply runs your coil machine smoothly & cleanly.  Comes with a 15v transformer for the coil.  Pedal & cords included.

17R Needle All-in-1 Hand Tool
Joyce says...


17R Needle All-in-1 Hand Tool - 10 count

U all-n-1 Hand Tool
Some love this needle for micro stroking you can start on one end and end up on the other end making a easy stroke. use-n-toss.

U all-n-1 Hand Tool
(10 count)

16 Slant Handtool
Joyce says...

16 Slant Handtool - 10 count

Medical Grade Stainless Steel Hand Tool

 WAS $40.00 NOW $10.00!

Amercare "Atlantic" powdered nytrile gloves (large) $5.00
AmerCare Latex Exam Textured, Powder-free Gloves (extra large)  $5.00
NO LIMIT (until gone)
Hustle Butter Packets

Hustle Butter – Expired $0.50 ea – only 15 left in stock $0.50
Plastic Disposable Trays

Ten trays for $1.00!      Dimensions - 10.75” x 7.5”

S2100 Autoclave

Lightly used, works great!

Thermal Tattoo Transfer Machine

Lightly used, comes with thermal printer sheets

Sharps Container with Wall Bracket

Brand New! One Sharps container wall bracket with lock and keys, with a 5.4qt Sharps container with lid, and a replacement 5.4qt sharps container and lid.

5 Quart Wall Locking Sharps Container with Glove Box

Brand New! Includes Sharps container and key (does not include gloves).

5-Quart Sharps Container

5QT Sharps Container

18 Piece Portable Storage Case

Brand New! 26 in stock.

MicroBrushes 4-Pack (FINE)

Four pack of fine-bristle Microbrushes


One tube (100 count) of fine-bristle Microbrushes

Countdown Digital Timer

Timer for your cordless machine. This timer will not overcharge your battery.

Can be set for 1, 2, 4 or 8 hours.

KP96 / Midas Power Supply

NEW - (High & Low settings and 3-speed) with on/off button on the cord.

SkinMaster™ 10 Deluxe

SkinMaster™ 10 Deluxe - OPEN BOX machine Used as a demo machine

SkinMaster 10 Deluxe
SkinMaster™ No. 7

SkinMaster™ No.7 - Brand New
Regular price $900.00... Now $650.00!!!

SkinMaster 7
SkinMaster™ Micro-Touch (REVO Needles only)

SkinMaster™ Micro-Touch - OPEN BOX machine FULL WARRANTY – never used
Regular price $2500.00... Now $1500.00!!!

SkinMaster Digital Pro

Brand new in box never used. Reg 975.00      Now $250.00

Latex Gloves - BLOWOUT
product description price  
AmerCare Latex Exam Textured, Powder-free Gloves (extra large)  $7.50
NO LIMIT (until gone)
Recently Expired Sanitary Items
(No limit - while supply lasts)
product description price  

Sani-Cloth Plus (160 sheets - recently expired)

• Natural latex free, bleach free and phenolic free
Pre-saturated with the correct amount of germicidal solution
• Disinfects and deodorizes
• 3-minute kill time


Sani-Cloth Plus XL (65 sheets - recently expired)

• Disposable germicidal disinfectant wipes • Compatible with a broad range of surfaces and equipment • Use on hard, nonporous surfaces and equipment • 15% Alcohol Content • Kill Time: RSV 1min, HBV, HCV, HIV-1 & MRSA 2 min, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, and TB in 5 Minutes.


Super Sani-Cloth Wipes - recently expired

Bactericidal, tuberculocidal, and virucidal Kills TB and RSV in 1 minute HBV, HCV, Human Coronavirus, Rotavirus, MRSA, VRE and ESBL Producing E. coli in 2 minutes Tested effective against 26 microorganisms Hexagonal-embossed wipe material For hard, non porous surfaces and equipment.



Cavi-Wipes - recently expired     7 left!

Proven 1-minute efficacy against 23 pathogens
1-step cleaning & disinfecting
Ready-to-use: no dilution required
Effective against both TB and HBV
Towels stay fully saturated and will not dry out during use. Sturdy, durable, non-woven towelette will not bunch up
3-Minute Kill time Surface Disinfectant CaviWipes, Premoistened Wipe, 160 Count Canister Manual Pull

Liner Needles Coil Machines (non-Velvet - recently expired)
All Needles are Medical Grade, Highly Polished, and Sterilized
needle description price  
814RLB (8 gauge) - expired  $0.10
1218RLB (12 gauge) - expired  $0.10
Shader Needles Coil Machines (non-Velvet - recently expired)
All Needles are Medical Grade, Highly Polished, and Sterilized
needle description price  
807RSB (8 gauge) - expired  $0.10
808RSB (8 gauge) - expired $0.10
Plastic Tubes (recently expired)
tube size price   tube size price  
8-9 (round) - expired $0.10
11F (flat tube only) $0.10
14-18 (round) - expired $0.10
14-18 (V-cut) - expired $0.10
7F (flat tube only) - expired $0.10
Grip Tubes (recently expired)
1 inch GRIPS price   1 inch GRIPS price  
      14V - expired $0.10
14R - expired $0.10
18R - expired $0.10

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