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What's New for 2012

Greetings from Florida where today it is actually chilly.

In today's economy when we hear that so many out there are looking for jobs, I want to say that the beauty business is going strong. Permanent Makeup, Micropigmentation or Cosmetic Tattooing is one of the most lucrative fantastic businesses out there.

I teach Permanent Makeup and in 4-5 days of training you can start to work & make money. Most techs make $86,000 yrly and some of that is part-time. I have been teaching for 20 some yrs. I can tell you that most all of my students start working right after taking the class.

I give lots of hands-on training with a variety of models and show the students a sure way of determining what PIGMENT works, which is color theory made easy and we use TOPICAL NUMBING and the students get the "cocktail" formulas and know how to manage pain.

Since the DIGITAL MACHINES came on the scene, it is now very easy to do PMU. There is only one part to worry about, with these machines, and that is the cartridge that houses the needle. No needle sticks and no cross contamination which make it the best of the best. A lot of machines out there are cheaper but we hesitate to take the chance that a client may have any problems.

There also is a lot more to Permanent Makeup than just doing brows, eyes, & lips. While they are the most popular, the PARAMEDICAL side is equally challenging. We do AREOLA repigmentation and camoflague and even do a 3-D look for the nipple if none is present.

One of the newest services is "NEEDLING" That is done with a dry needle and numbing topical and can be very impressive as far as getting wrinkles reduced. Multiple visits will further mimimize the wrinkles so much that your friends will think you've had a face lift.

We also have LIFE-LIKE SKINS to practice on. You can buy them to practice at home to hone your skills. I also teach EYESHADOW....SMUDGY EYES....WIDE LINER.....HAIRSTROKE BROWS. All of these will add more $ to your procedures. There are many "schools" out there but the TRAINER, TEACHER has to have years in the business to be able to teach and provide enough models. Beware of many promises and less delivery. My 25 plus years in Permanent Makeup and 45 years as a Cosmetologist will give you assurance that you're in very capable hands.

Call me or email me for further info.
Joyce Cirasuola

I also have a supply company that sells everything you will need to start your career.

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