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What I Know To Be True
About Permanent Makeup

I know
that no matter how long you have been doing PMU there is always that client that poses a new problem. That clients change their minds quicker than their hair color. That we have to explain the complexities of PMU to our clients.

I know that techs do the same procedure in different ways with different machines or hand tools and you can never tell what implement they used. Everything works when in the right hand.

I know that the proper stretch, speed, depth, color selection, needle selection and pressure will give you a wonderful outcome.

I know that all procedures need to be looked at and perhaps given a perfecting session no matter how long or how well you do the procedure.

I know the value of pictures before, during and certainly after each time the client comes for a visit.

I know that all pigments fade. The darker the pigment, the less fading in a year or two. The lighter the pigment the faster it fades. I also know that we need to see our clients after a year to assess the pigment and how well it is wearing. Better we see our clients than they go to another tech.

I know the value of doing your paper work and making sure all you files are complete.

I know the value of having insurance and knowing they are there to cover your assets.

I know for sure the day you think you know it all is the day you will get a humbling experience. We need to keep going for further education….networking…go to conventions and keep an open mind to new ideas and new ways to improve our work.

I know for sure that a person that is taught certain habits will be very hard to change. We have wonderful topicals and needles and machines and the hand method to call upon to do procedures. Some clients may take more than one modality to work on their skin. We have to be open to working with more than one tool. Our work is dependent on the skin and how well it accepts the pigment. Some areas we work on has thin tissue and some has fatty tissue. Some skin turns red at the mere touch… some skin is tough as hide. So we have to be able and flexible to change our machine, needle and sometimes our pigment to accommodate that type of skin.

I know that some techs are not willing to share knowledge. I also know that when we share our knowledge we all become empowered.

To be continued...

From the Heart, Mind and Desk of Joyce Cirasuola

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